The percentage of women who wear thongs varies depending on the age group. For instance, whether they are single or not, 98% of girls between the ages of 18 and 24 go out in thongs. For people aged 25 to 28, this number falls to 85%. The ratio falls even further to roughly 45% once a woman is in her late 20s and early 30s. Women over 40 don’t typically use thongs.

What are thongs?

Thongs are a type of underwear that is made out of cloth. They are usually tight-fitting and often come in pairs. Thongs are popular because they are considered sexier. They certainly leave less to the imagination.

Who invented thongs?

One of the earliest styles of thong was the G String. It’s not known exactly who invented the G-string, but it was likely invented by strippers in the 1930s in New York. The Mayor of New York at the time was concerned that the city’s fully nude dancers might be a cause for embarrassment for the city and introduced laws to prohibit nude entertainment. The G string was the solution that was widely adopted by strippers, which allowed them to continue their work.

The G string evolved into a swimsuit in the 1970s thanks to designer Rudi Gernreich who created the article to encourage women to express their sexual side and break through social taboos.

In the 80s Frederick Mellinger, founder of the brand Frederick’s of Hollywood introduced the G String to the masses as a kind of sex toy, but it didn’t gain mass interest from the public until the 1990’s when the Monika Lewinski and Bill Clinton’s scandal broke the headlines. Apparently, the love affair started when Lewinski flashed the straps of her G String to Clinton.

Why do women wear thongs?

Some people wear thongs because they think they look sexy. Thongs are a popular choice for ladies who wear tight-fitting clothes around their rear end. This is because conventional underwear can appear as lines on a girl’s bum cheeks, clearly visible beneath her tight-fitting skirt or trousers. A thong however will not show this line, because the fabric seam goes between the cheeks instead or around the cheeks thus making her posterior more aesthetically pleasing.

What is the pocket in thongs for?

Thongs have a little pocket area called the “gusset.” The gusset acts as extra padding and was created to increase underwear’s comfort and to absorb any stains that might otherwise become visible on the outer fabric.

Only one side of the gusset is stitched into a pair of panties, creating a tiny pocket exactly where your sensitive area is located. The gusset definitely serves an important purpose, but the pocket itself serves none.

Why are women’s water polo suits thongs?

Women’s water polo players don’t normally wear thongs. In order to pull their opponent underwater or out of the way, while playing the game, water polo players attempt to grab hold of each other’s suits. The players wear extremely tight suits to make it difficult for their opponents to grab. Numerous players have suits that are so small that while they play, the suit pushes up into a wedgie that resembles a thong. These players often don’t bother pulling out the bottom of the suit until they leave the water because they need to focus on the game.

However, in recent times, a few swimsuit manufacturers now provide water polo competition suits in both full-back and thong-back types, allowing athletes to choose their preferred style of back.

Why do beach volleyball players wear thongs?

Many beach volleyball players wear thongs to increase their speed and agility. The thin fabric allows the player’s legs to move freely, which helps them to jump high and spike the ball accurately. Thongs also provide little resistance against the sand, which makes them easier to slide on.

Why do sumo wrestlers wear thongs?

Sumo wrestlers don’t wear thongs. Mawashi is the name of the garment used by Japanese sumo wrestlers. It resembles a tighty whiteys, a thong, and a loincloth all at once. Actually, it’s a lengthy piece of thick, hefty material. It can weigh up to 5 kg and is typically 9 meters long.

How many men wear thongs?

Many people are curious about the number of men who wear thongs. According to a survey, only 1% of men in the US wear them a couple of times a week and 0% wear them on a daily basis. 

In fact, many men prefer thongs because they are more comfortable than other types of underwear. They also provide better support for the genitals and can be worn under clothing.

Where can I buy thongs for men?

Here are the top brands that sell thongs for men:

  1. Andrew Christian
  2. Jockey
  3. HappyShoppingPlanet
  4. Famosales
  5. Agmy intl
  6. Sand Storm
  7. Blue-Jean