What is the percentage of Christians in the world?

Key Takeaway: The percentage of Christians in the world has been steadily increasing since 1900, and as of 2021, Christians make up approximately 31% of the global population. The Christian population is expected to continue growing in the coming years, but at a slower rate than in the past. The growth of the Christian population … Read more

What proportion of the global population identifies as Christian?

Key Takeaway: The total number of Christians in the world is approximately 2 billion, making Christianity the largest religious group globally. While Europe was historically the center of Christianity, there has been a shift in the Christian population to other regions, particularly sub-Saharan Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Despite overall population growth, the percentage of … Read more

What percentage of the human genetic code influences visible characteristics associated with race?

The human genetic code influences only 0.1% of the visible characteristics associated with race. This is because different races have different numbers of variations in the genetic code. Regardless of the percentage, it is clear that genetics play a role in determining who we are and what traits we have. What are the parts that … Read more

What percentage of MLB players are black?

The MLB’s players, central office, coaches, team managers, general managers, and administration officials receive overall TIDES merit for employing diversity. The MLB received an A-grade in the report, which primarily examined racial hiring practices for baseball players because 38% of the league’s players are people of color. How many MLB players are there? According to … Read more

What percentage of Utah is Mormon? (2022)

According to the World Population Review, Utah is one of the states that have the highest Mormon population. There are 5,229 Mormon congregations in the state, making up about 68.55 percent of the overall population. When did Mormons move to Utah? Brigham Young, the successor of murdered sect founder Joseph Smith, led 148 congregates into … Read more