Hate Crime Statistics Comparison 2000-2015 – Racial Bias

Year Total Anti-Black Anti-White Anti-Asian/Pacific Islander Anti-Native American Anti-Arab** 2015 2,754 1,745 613 115 131 37 2014 2,568 1,621 593 143 130 2013 2,871 1,856 653 138 129 2012 3,101 2,050 684 143 101 2011 2,917 2,076 504 138 61 2010 3,135 2,201 575 150 44 2009 3,119 2,284 545 126 65 2008 3,992 2,876 … Read more

What percentage of the 819 justices of the peace in Texas are non-lawyers?

Justice court judges are not required to meet any constitutional or statutory requirements. Therefore, they can come from any background. As a result, around 90% of court judges in Texas are not non-lawyers. What are justices of the peace and why do states use them? Justices of the peace are judges with limited authority whose … Read more

What percentage of Texas prison inmates have been convicted of drug offenses?

According to the Justice Policy Institute, around 21% of prisoners in Texas were convicted of drug-related charges. This number has increased over the past few years as drug offenses have become increasingly common among criminals. How many inmates does the Texas prison system house? The National Institute of Corrections has reported that the Texas prison … Read more

What percentage of Texas inmates are housed in private prisons?

The utilization of private correctional facilities varies significantly between the states. In 2019, 7.9% of the inmate population in Texas was in private prisons, according to The Sentencing Project. When did Texas start private prisons? States hired private companies to run private, for-profit prisons to address financial issues in the prison system. The general assumption … Read more

What percentage of terrorist incidents involve explosives?

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), around 70% of terrorist incidents worldwide involve explosives. In the USA, the FBI reports that 77% of attacks in 1994 involved explosives. Why do terrorists use explosives? There are many reasons why terrorists might use explosives. For example, they can be used to damage or destroy property, … Read more

What percentage of youth meet the criteria for life-course-persistent antisocial behavior?

  Conduct disorder is commonly diagnosed in children and adolescents who display chronic antisocial behavior. The prevalence of life-course-persistent antisocial behavior has been estimated to be fewer than 10% in population-representative samples.   What is antisocial behavior? A person with antisocial personality disorder, commonly referred to as sociopathy, consistently disregards right and wrong as well … Read more