What is the prevalence of blue eyes in the population?

Key Takeaway: Blue eyes are relatively rare in the global population: while estimates vary, they are generally thought to occur in less than 10% of people worldwide. Eye color is determined by a variety of factors, including genetics, melanin production, and even changes in the environment such as lighting and clothing color. The prevalence of … Read more

What percentage of the world’s oceans have been explored?

Key Takeaway: The vast majority of the world’s oceans remain unexplored: Only about 20% of the global ocean has been mapped using modern sonar technology, leaving much of this underwater world still a mystery. Exploring the ocean is challenging and costly: The ocean is a harsh and volatile environment, and exploration requires advanced technology, skilled … Read more

What percentage of the earth’s active volcanoes call Japan home?

Volcanic eruptions are common in Japan. More than any other nation, it boasts over a hundred active volcanoes, making up around 10% of all active volcanoes worldwide. Why do earthquakes and volcanoes occur in Japan? Japan has a long history of volcanism. The Japanese archipelago is situated where various oceanic and continental plates collide, resulting … Read more

What percentage of the American flag is blue?

The United States of America’s flag is 17.6% blue, 40.9% white, and 41.5% red. The U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in the U.K. stated that the official colors are Old Glory Blue, Old Glory Red, and Pantone White. Why is the American flag so important to the US? The American flag has served … Read more

What percentage of Utah is Mormon? (2022)

According to the World Population Review, Utah is one of the states that have the highest Mormon population. There are 5,229 Mormon congregations in the state, making up about 68.55 percent of the overall population. When did Mormons move to Utah? Brigham Young, the successor of murdered sect founder Joseph Smith, led 148 congregates into … Read more