Women account for about what percentage of the country’s jail population?

Currently, prisons and jails in the U.S. contain approximately 206,000 women. Women account for about 6.8% of the entire prison population. It’s clear from the data that women are incarcerated far less frequently than men, but comparing US women’s incarceration rate to men hides the frightening fact that the U.S. accounts for nearly 30% of … Read more

What percentage of truck drivers are female?

As of 2020, the latest statistics that are available shows that women constitute 7.8% of the United States’ professional truck driver workforce, according to the American Trucking Associations from their recently released American Trucking Trends Report. The highest rate for female truck drivers has reached 8% which is a big improvement compared to the 6.7% … Read more

What percentage of the Japanese people are farmers?

Less than 5% of the Japanese people are farmers, which equates to only 6,340,000 people from a 126,800,000 population. They are responsible for farming a wide variety of crops, including rice, soybeans, wheat, and vegetables. Japanese farmers also raise livestock, such as cattle, pigs, and chickens. They use a variety of methods to cultivate their … Read more

What percentage of all drivers are driving intoxicated?

Drinking and driving put lives in danger,  and due to the increased likelihood of being involved in collisions, drunk driving raises insurance premiums for all drivers across the United States. The Zebra conducted a survey of 1,500 American drivers to determine their perceptions and self-reported habits in order to better understand the current situation of … Read more