What is the total amount of money controlled by banks in the US?

The US banking industry has faced financial stress after the collapse of Silicon Valley, Signature, and First Republic Banks. This is partially because a small number of institutions control the majority of banking industry assets.

Bank failures can cause depositors to worry about the stability of the financial industry and lead to general market volatility.

As the US banking industry continues to consolidate through mergers and acquisitions, how have assets among banks changed over time, and which institutions hold the most money?

How have bank assets changed over time?

By the end of 2022, banks in the US owned a combined $22.3 trillion in assets, up 32% over the last decade after adjusting for inflation.

Over half of bank assets are net loans and leases, followed by investments and cash and due, which refers to the money a bank has on hand. The rest is made up of other investments, property, equipment, or certain intangible assets, such as intellectual property.