What percentage of wedding guests RSVP no?

The percentage of guests that RSVP no to a wedding invitation can vary. On average, about 10-15% of guests will not attend a wedding. This number may be higher or lower depending on the size of the guest list and the type of event. If the wedding is a destination wedding, the percentage of guests that RSVP no may be higher since some people may not be able to make the trip.

What does RSVP mean?

RSVP is an acronym for “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which is French for “please respond.” When you receive an invitation to a wedding, you may be asked to RSVP to let the hosts know whether or not you will be able to attend. If you are unable to attend, you may also be asked to provide a reason why.

How do you RSVP?

When you receive a wedding invitation, it will include an RSVP card. This is your opportunity to let the hosts know if you plan on attending the wedding. To RSVP, simply fill out the card and mail it back to the address provided.

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