What percentage of veterans are disabled?

According to the 2011 ACS Public Use Microdata (PUMS), nearly 30% of veterans in the United States are disabled. This means that disabled veterans make up a significant portion of the veteran population.

Why are many veterans disabled?

Many veterans who have served in the military are disabled as a result of their service. This can happen because of injuries that they sustained while serving or because of illnesses that they contracted while in the service. Many veterans also suffer from chronic pain as a result of their injuries or illnesses. In some cases, veterans develop mental illnesses due to their experiences from serving.

What section of the 2004 Appropriations Act deals with veterans’ disabled payments?

One section of the 2004 Appropriations Act deals with disabled veterans’ payments. Section 304 authorizes the Department of Veterans Affairs to make disability compensation payments to qualifying veterans who are registered as disabled with the VA. The amount of a veteran’s monthly compensation depends on his or her rank, service period, and other factors.

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