What percentage of the Texas senate is usually elected during a presidential election?

Typically, the percentage of the Texas senate elected during a presidential election is around 50%. This means that, in election years, half of the senators are replaced. This can make it challenging to pass meaningful legislation because the senate is not as unified as it would be if more members were chosen at different times.

When is the senate election in Texas?

On November 8, 2022, voting for the Texas State Senate will occur. A primary election was set for March 1, 2022, and a runoff election was set for May 24, 2022. The application period ended on December 13, 2021. All 31 of Texas’s senate districts will elect new senators.

Who won the 1948 Texas senate election?

The 1948 Texas senate election was a close race that ended in a victory for US Congressman Lyndon Johnson. He defeated former Texas governor Coke Stevenson by 87 votes.

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