What percentage of students receive financial aid at UCLA?

In the 2019-2020 annual report of UCLA Financial AId & Scholarships, 45% of undergraduate students do not pay any tuition. By offering counseling services and access to financial resources, UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships is committed to assisting the university’s enrollment and retention goals. This will increase the likelihood that students will successfully pursue higher education aspirations.

What type of financial aid do students receive at UCLA?

They offer four types of financial aid for students:

1. Scholarships

  • UCLA Regents Scholarships (merit-based)
  • UCLA Alumni Scholarships (merit-based)
  • UCLA Achievement Scholarships (merit- and need-based)
  • Scholarship databases like Fastweb, College Board, and Sallie Mae
  • UCLA Scholarship Resource Center
  • Local organizations such as the Rotary Club and AmeriCorps

2. Grants

  • For all US residents:

– Pell Grants (Federal)

– Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (Federal)

  • For California residents only:

– The University of California Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan

– Cal Grants (FAFSA or DREAM Act and GPA verification due March 2)

– Middle-Class Scholarship Program (MCSP)

3. Student Loans

4. Part-time Student Jobs

How much financial aid does UCLA give?

During 2019-2020, UCLA spent a total of $83,504,927 on financial aid for its incoming freshmen. These include federal grants, state grants, institutional grants, loans, and all scholarships.

How long does financial aid take to direct deposit to UCLA?

With winter quarter disbursement being the exception, financial aid is typically issued to BruinBill 10 days before the start of the term. The winter quarter disbursement is done at the end of the first business day of the new year.

Most financial aid awards will immediately apply to term-based expenses (tuition and housing) upon distribution before producing a refund. Students should check their BruinBill for any outstanding costs after receiving their financial aid payout. They could occasionally have to manually pay charges not covered by their financial aid award(s). After financial aid has been distributed, any unpaid charges must be settled by the time shown on the student’s BruinBill.

When does UCLA release financial aid/scholarship award information?

UCLA begins disseminating financial aid notifications (FAN) for the academic year in mid-July and summer award notices towards the end of May.

You should get a Financial Aid Notification once UCLA has processed your financial aid application (FAN). The MyUCLA financial aid document tracking page allows you to check the status of your financial aid application and find out if any more information or supporting documents is needed before your award can be calculated.

How many units are required to receive financial aid at UCLA?

To receive financial aid in the form of grants at UCLA, you must be enrolled in at least 12 units. Grants are gifts provided by the government, a state, or a university. They are not required to be paid back and are given to students based on their needs. Students must complete the FAFSA or DREAM ACT application to be eligible for grant funds.

How is UCLA financial aid affected by off-campus apartments?

Tuition, housing, food, books, and transportation costs are included in UCLA’s total cost of attendance (COA). The COA is impacted by the student’s selection of housing options. It calculates the maximum amount of financial aid that can be awarded. For instance, living in a residence hall will cost more than living at home. This means that the overall sticker price of attending UCLA depends on the residence you choose.

Students must notify the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office of any changes to their housing arrangements for their aid to be updated.

The office of Financial Aid and Scholarships does not establish residency. The UCLA Campus Residence Deputy decides a student’s residence status for tuition purposes.

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