What percentage of students graduate from Valencia?

In 2019, there is a 47.3% graduation rate for first-time students of Valencia College who have attended classes full-time. Valencia is committed to helping its students succeed, and it offers a lot of resources to help them do that.

What is the minimum amount of students in a Valencia college class?

The average class size in Valencia is 21 students. Valencia College is the second largest state college in Florida out of 28, and it strives to provide an intimate learning experience for its students.

What percent of students receive financial aid at Valencia college?

In 2020, 46% of undergraduate students received federal grants, while 14% received loans. The average net price for students is $4,901 after discounts for grants and loans.

Valencia College strives to make education affordable for all students, regardless of their financial situation. For many students, financial aid is the only way they can afford to attend college. Valencia College is committed to helping all students reach their academic goals.

When are students reimbursed for financial aid at Valencia college?

Valencia releases funds approximately fifteen (15) working days after the last day of the Drop/Add period. If a debt is owed to the college, any refund will be applied to that debt, and any remaining refund due will be payable to the student.

To receive a refund, you must drop your course by the add/drop deadline. If you withdraw from any class, you will still need to pay the full tuition and fees.

Why does Valencia require campus orientation for online students?

All degree-seeking students (freshmen and transfer) must finish the online orientation presentation before signing up for classes. The orientation will give students the knowledge and tools they need to succeed at Valencia College.

The two parts of orientation for new students are (1) Online Orientation Presentation and (2) New Student Advising Session. The Online Orientation presentation can be completed virtually. The student advising session can be attended either virtually or on campus.

What unique opportunities are provided for students in Valencia about sonography?

Valencia College’s two-year Diagnostic Medical Sonography Associate in Science (A.S.) curriculum will prepare you to start a specialized sonography profession. Sonographers are vital to the diagnosis and care of patients. Consider becoming a sonographer if you find the human body’s inner workings to be fascinating.

Sonographers might choose from a wide range of fascinating job options. They may be employed in intensive/critical care and trauma/emergency settings in clinics, doctors’ offices, diagnostic imaging facilities, ambulatory care facilities, and hospitals.

Students will learn how to:

  • Analyze and present diagnostic information for the doctor to interpret and make a diagnosis.
  • Position the patient’s body such that the appropriate areas may be visible on an ultrasound screen.
  • Perform sonograms and capture information on pathology and normal anatomy for interpretation.

What unique opportunities are provided to graphic design students at Valencia?

The two-year Associate in Science (A.S.) program in Graphic & Interactive Design equips students with the skills necessary to pursue a profession in branding, graphic design, advertising design, web design, or interactive (UI/UX) design.

Students acquire hands-on experience and develop employable skills that prepare them to join a job with competitive portfolios, from design thinking and the creative process to implementing ideas using industry-standard creative technology.

What resources are available for biomedical students at Valencia?

Biomedical students at Valencia have access to different resources that can be used as supplementary course materials. These are:

  • Open Textbook Collection
  • Anatomy and Physiology Textbooks
  • Games
  • Biology Textbooks
  • Simulations and Interactive Activities
  • Library Resources
  • Repository of videos and images

How much do Valencia nursing students get in loans?

The amount of loan that each student gets depends on their housing status, state residency, and class credits. The nursing program at Valencia is a limited-access school, thus enrollment at the college does not guarantee admittance into the nursing program. To enroll in the program, students must apply and be accepted. When the program is over, you’ll be prepared to take the National Council Licensure Exam to become a registered nurse (RN).

What percent of Valencia students transfer to USF?

The University of Florida is one of the top destinations for Valencia students who are looking to transfer, with a 2.5% rate. These students have completed their associate’s degrees and are looking to pursue further studies. Valencia utilizes a Degree Pathway outline to help students determine the bachelor’s degree they want to pursue in the schools they are transferring to.

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