What is the percentage of Users Using WhatsApp Businesses ?

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing is a type of messaging-based marketing that maintains a strong relationship with customers via a 1:1 conversation. It has become a fast growing medium for customer conversations since Mark Zuckerberg announcing that WhatsApp Business will be the next focal point for Meta. WhatsApp has been the preference of over 500 million businesses globally to reach out to 2.2 Billion Global users.

Is WhatsApp a great platform for your Business?

If you are not sure about whether WhatsApp Business is a good fit for your business, try out the following features of WhatsApp Cloud API:

  • Using WhatsApp to integrate with other tools such as CRM, data analytics, and third-party apps
  • Multi-person login
  • WhatsApp broadcast or 1-to-1 Private Message
  • WhatsApp Chatbot
  • Interactive buttons such as list message, quick-reply, Call-to-action, etc.

WhatsApp Availability 

WhatsApp is available in 180 different countries. Excluding China, most of the people on the internet are WhatsApp users, about 69%.

More than 5 billion times downloaded, WhatsApp is the most popular application in the world, much more than Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Wechat etc.

How many messages are sent every day?

More than 100 billion messages were sent everyday. Most of these messages are sent to family and friends. If you want your message to be read by your target audience, unlike emails that are always being ignored, learn more about WhatsApp Newsletter vs Email Marketing!

Who is using WhatsApp?

People across all age groups are using WhatsApp with 26-35 age group being the most active users, followed by audiences aged 36-45 and least amongst aged 15-25. 

How many Businesses using WhatsApp Business?

According to the report by WhatsApp, a total of 50 Million Businesses use the WhatsApp Business Application,

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