What is the rate of unsolved murders as a percentage?

Key Takeaway: The murder clearance rate in the US is at an all-time low, with fewer than 60% of murders being solved. The low clearance rate is due to inadequate resources to solve murders, including a lack of experienced personnel and outdated technology. Different demographics have different murder clearance rates, with murders of white victims … Read more

What proportion of dog attacks are caused by pit bulls?

Key Takeaway: Pit bulls have a fearsome reputation despite being soft and loving breeds. Misunderstandings and unfair judgments surrounding this breed have contributed to their vilification. Pit bulls are often misidentified due to cross-breeding, and involved in the most dog bites, checking more than 85% of temperament tests. Pit bull adoption rates decreased by 31% … Read more

What percentage of the American population possesses firearms?

Key Takeaway: Gallup’s annual Crime poll conducted from September 30 to October 15, 2020, revealed that gun ownership in the US has remained stable for over a decade. 32% of Americans personally own a gun, while 44% of the population live in a household with a firearm. Gallup has been tracking both metrics since 2007. … Read more

Hate Crime Statutes And Totals By State

State Statutes Totals Population Normalized Alabama 1 10 4,849,377 0,206212056 Alaska 1 8 737,732 1,084404635 Arizona 1 276 6,731,484 4,100136018 Arkansas 0 5 2,994,079 0,166996262 California 2 837 38,802,500 2,157077508 Colorado 1 107 5,355,856 1,997813235 Connecticut 2 93 3,596,677 2,585720097 Delaware 2 11 935,614 1,175698525 DC 2 65 672,228 9,669338379 Florida 1 72 19,893,297 0,361930956 … Read more