What percentage of the American population speaks Spanish?

Key Takeaway: Overall, approximately 41 million people in the US speak Spanish, making up about 13% of the total population. California, Texas, and Florida have the highest number of Spanish-speakers, while Maine, Vermont, and West Virginia have the lowest. The popularity of Spanish is growing in the US, with an increasing number of Spanish-speaking students … Read more

What is the rate of Hispanic population in the US?

Key Takeaways: The Hispanic population in the US is the largest minority group, representing about 20% of the total population. This population has grown significantly in recent years and is projected to continue growing. The Hispanic population growth rate in the US varies among states, but it is reshaping the demographics of many states, particularly … Read more

What proportion of the global population identifies as black?

Key Takeaway: The term “Black” is complicated and encompasses diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, making it difficult to accurately define and quantify the global population of Black people. In Africa and Oceania, Black populations are dispersed across various countries, with Nigeria having the largest Black population in Africa and significant Nigerian diaspora communities around the … Read more

What percentage of us population is black

Key Takeaway: The black or African American in combination population has grown in the United States: According to the 2020 Census Redistricting Data, the black or African American population in combination with other races has increased over the past decade. The white alone population has declined in the United States: While the overall population of … Read more

Popular Baby Name Stats in USA by State

Popular names of the period 2010s Males Females Rank Name Number Name Number 1 Noah 183,172 Emma 194,917 2 Liam 173,888 Olivia 184,432 3 Jacob 163,114 Sophia 181,032 4 William 159,833 Isabella 170,417 5 Mason 157,787 Ava 155,761 6 Ethan 149,000 Mia 128,986 7 Michael 145,020 Abigail 118,634 8 Alexander 142,043 Emily 117,556 9 James … Read more

Popular Baby Name Stats in Wyoming

. Popularity for top 100 names in Wyoming for births in 2021 Rank Male name Number of males Female name Number of females 1 Oliver 31 Olivia 27 2 Liam 27 Amelia 22 3 Henry 26 Charlotte 22 4 Lincoln 23 Emma 20 5 Owen 22 Evelyn 20 6 William 22 Harper 20 7 Wyatt … Read more

Popular Baby Name Stats in Wisconsin

. Popularity for top 100 names in Wisconsin for births in 2021 Rank Male name Number of males Female name Number of females 1 Oliver 336 Charlotte 290 2 Henry 299 Olivia 269 3 Theodore 270 Emma 261 4 Liam 261 Evelyn 239 5 Levi 254 Amelia 227 6 Noah 237 Ava 227 7 Jack … Read more