How many articles does a website need to generate significant (10,000 a day) traffic?

generate more than 10,000 traffic to my website per day

There is no definitive answer to this question as the amount of traffic generated by a website depends on many factors, such as the niche, the quality of content, the marketing strategy, and the competition in the market. That being said, having a large number of high-quality articles can help increase traffic to a website … Read more

What percentage of Target products are made in China?

According to UBS’ Lasser, Target imports 34% of its products from China, while Walmart imports 26%. Top US retailers’ supply lines rely heavily on Chinese labor and manufacturers, and corporations say it’s difficult to quickly adapt their complex supply chains away from Chinese goods. When was Target founded? The Dayton Company made the initial step … Read more

What percentage of World Vision donation goes to children?

Word Vision USA consistently say that they use 87% of their total “operating expenses” for programs that benefit children, families, and communities. They seem to avoid using the word “donations” or “income”. The reason for this distinction is not clear. World Vision US also do not exactly what percetnage specifically benefits children. Instead they bucket … Read more