Burak Bakay, an active player in the digital marketing and ecommerce world since 2006, has always been intrigued by the power and potential of numbers. This fascination led him to launch Mywebstats, a modest pet project showcasing statistics in an interesting, useful, and engaging manner.

The idea behind Mywebstats stems from Burak’s innate desire to make the complex world of data more accessible to a broader audience. It represents his humble effort to bridge the gap between raw numbers and relatable narratives, turning statistics into digestible insights.

With Mywebstats, Burak shares his passion for numbers in a simplified yet informative manner. This project is not just about presenting statistics; it’s about aiding users in understanding these numbers, and how they reflect various aspects of our world. Burak’s hope is that Mywebstats will serve as a useful resource for anyone interested in learning, be it professionals, students, or simply the curious-minded.

In the grand scheme of things, Mywebstats is but a small contribution to the vast expanse of digital content. However, Burak hopes that through this platform, he can share a part of his world and passion with others. Through every number and every fact, Burak aims to make the world a little more understandable, one statistic at a time.